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Sunday, June 29, 2014

And a light unto my path

I recently read a comment on a blog or message board somewhere recently that was actually rather insightful, it was in reference to the well known passage, 'Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.'  To many within the church, it is so familiar that it is nearly forgotten.  Besides its familiarity, we also live in an age where 'lamps and lights' are of far greater efficacy, power, and availability than were such implements in bygone days.  They had no batteries, street lights, or incandescent bulbs; they had fire: torches, oil lamps, and candles.  The modern equivalent might be a cheap flashlight with dying batteries in the middle of a rain soaked night while one is trying to locate something in the dark.  The commenter made note of the fact that all the world about us is dark with impenetrable night and the Word is a faithful lamp, but one that only illuminates what is immediately around us.  I can look back on life's winding path and wonder how I have come so far with such seemingly feeble light, but must remember that life is accomplished one step at a time within the confines of that firm and steady glow.  I cannot see far ahead, but rather must deal with what is immediately before me.  I need not fret about what lies beyond the bend and outside the light, for those matters are in hands far greater than mine.  I like to strain my eyes at the darkness ahead, and wonder and worry what lies thither, but rather my task lies within the sphere of the visible and to that must I attend.  It is a sobering and reassuring thought, and testifies to the wisdom of, 'sufficient unto the day is its own evil.'  We naturally want to stand on the pinnacle of the temple and survey all the Kingdoms of the earth when our domain of responsibility is actually much smaller and far more intimate and manageable.  As the old hymn goes, 'tis grace has brought me safe thus far and grace will lead me home.'

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A glimpse of a far country

They locked the door but left the window open.  That is the thing about life that I find the most intriguing.  Have you ever had that sense that there is something more than you can touch or hear or smell or see?  A song behind the music we strain to hear but can only catch a few lilting, haunting strains and wonder if we are hearing things.  As if we are trying to see in the ultraviolet range but never can, no matter how we squint.  We almost see it in a sunset, it stirs in a great piece of music, it pierces our heart in a moment of true and unaffected love, the great stories wring it from our souls, it teases us in the scent of the sweet pea and lily of the valley, a vagrant spring breeze whispers it in the trees.  There is something there, something beyond our mortal senses, something beyond this tedious life.  It is the stirring of the very deeps our souls.  It is that exquisite beauty beyond mortal glory that calls to that in us that was meant to live forever.  We have lost paradise but still we can catch an occasional, fleeting glimpse of Heaven and it invigorates and awakens, if only briefly, something deep within that knows we are but sojourners and strangers in this earthly realm, longing for our true home.  Such is the Kingdom of God, that is why we must enter it, 'as little children,' for children can see and hear that which 'wiser' folk cannot.  Turn your weary heart towards home and listen for the music that is too wondrous to hear with aught but the soul.

Friday, June 20, 2014

A garden not one's own

I have come to the conclusion that a garden, and everything else in this world, is never truly ours; we are but stewards, caretakers for a time and often the fruits of our labors will be enjoyed by others than ourselves.  I must thank the efforts of those who have gone before me for the lovely peonies on my table and perhaps some distant lady of this house will one day enjoy my roses!  Let us live to be worthy of our predecessors and our heirs!

Friday, June 13, 2014

More lazy blogging!

This is a really interesting article for all you physics and astronomy buffs out there, or if you've ever looked at the stars and felt very small and overawed.  Enjoy!